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marketing knutsford: "helping the little guys grow and making the big guys sit up and think ..."

So, what's it all about then?
Well without waffle and nonsense we are a kind of advertising and marketing business and because we not only work in knutsford we live here to. This gives us a unique perspective on the town, consumers and businesses.

How do you do what you for me? Simple really, we own virtual knutsford, which it the local community portal that attracts up to 40,000 people per month from all over the UK and beyond. from this we can target your business directly to them using banner campaigns and opt-in email newsletters.

Fly me to the consumer: We run direct flyer campaigns and with over 10,000 visitors per week, we know that certain days work for specific products. oh, and don't worry, you don't need to have any experience with designing flyers etc because we do it all for a package price. Easy peasy.

The Double Whammy: Over the past few years of advertising our own products and services we have been able to negotiate for great rates in the local newspaper, this will enable you to target 15,000 people in the town and surrounding area. We have stacks of demographic stuff on it so you need to contact us for more info. So, combine this with a tip top direct flyer campaign and you've got a monster on your hands!

Bigger picture:
There's two of us, both armed with weapons of mass photography. Two very different styles, and able to truly analyze any photographic marketing perspective and embed the right image into any campaign. oh and it saves you loads of dosh as we don't need to rope in photographers.

Second opinion:
Sounds like nonsense? Wrong! there is nothing more important than a second opinion when making creative decisions. Even if you are a creative bod working on your own companies stuff, its worth bearing in mind that we can provide a second opinion that could stop you wasting time and money. Drop us a line, were only round the corner.

Research, research, research: As with anything to do with marketing and advertising really good research is the key to success, there is nothing worse for a company than getting the target audience completely wrong. When i say wrong I mean wrong, you'll be surprised to learn that almost all small businesses fail to structure marketing accurately, its one of those woods for the trees things. We don't charge you to natter about your existing campaigns or you potential marketing strategy.

Well, that's enough words for this page i can sense the yawn factor kicking us, we like coffee and talking. Oh and another thing, we don't do suits and ties, too stuffy and to be honest suits cost money and ultimately clients end up paying for threads, so no suits...